Odoo 11 Enterprise Edition

With beautiful Kanban view and improved Odoo Chatterbox what else features or improvement do we see in Odoo 11 Enterprise Edition?   Fit for every screen whether it is for Phone, Tablet, Laptops, Large Screens. And same feature applicable for Community Edition as well.   New iOS Application (for iPhone and iPads) – Super Fast […]

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Odoo 11 Updates

Odoo 11 is soon be released in the starting of October 2017 and will come with many features. As per the Odoo Experience 2016 event, we are looking to updates in the following area likewise: In Odoo ERP community you will find: -Speed -Usability -New Design -Mobile And in Odoo ERP Enterprise: -Improvement to accounting […]

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Odoo 11 Community and Enterprise

Odoo 11

Odoo 11 appears in October and will be packed with several innovations and improvements.   Following points are the outline for the same: Improvement of time recording: Revenue/cost calculation, improvement in user-friendliness, dashboards. Improvements in Acuity scheduling: Online appointment, SMS integration, phone validation. Payment process: Balance several invoices with a single payment. Negative invoices: The […]

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Odoo 11: Enterprise Up-gradation

We have seen what up-gradation do we see in Odoo version 11 and listed many features of Odoo version 11. In Odoo ERP community we may find improvement in: -Speed -Usability -New Design -Mobile And in Odoo ERP Enterprise: -Accounting -Localizations -Service Companies -Odoo Studio -Reporting & Dashboard -Improving on existing Enterprise Apps such as […]

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Odoo 11 Overview

In the previous blog, we discuss that what Odoo 11 is bringing. With the features of: Odoo Warehouse Management System(WMS): Picking form improvements, changes in delivery slips, variants menu entry. Odoo Subscription: Onboarding, adding tags on self-subscriptions. Odoo Accounting: Revenue recognition usability improvements. New global search in the home page. Keyboard shortcuts: Details on the […]

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What’s New in Odoo 11

Odoo 10 is on running and now what…its Odoo version 11 is on the air and soon to be released with more functions and better accessibility to the end-users & development team.   What’s new Odoo version 11 is bringing: – New website dashboard incorporated with various keyboard shortcuts – Odoo Version 11 introduced global […]

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