POS with Serial Number and Expiry Date

POS with Serial Number and Expiry Date   1. Add Product with Lot number, expiry date, and quantity in the purchase order.   2. The same lot will be saved in Serial Number as the record.   3. The quantity we can see here.   4. In the Stock moves also we can refer the lot number after processing […]

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Restaurant POS System

Every business seeks to find the software which covers all their needs and make their business profitable. Similarly, for Restaurant business, a good POS system is required which helps them in properly functioning of work from table management to inventory management. Restaurants come in so many varieties, and each one has its set of needs. […]

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Odoo Point of Sale Discount

Odoo POS Discount In Odoo POS we have come up with the customization in POS discount. Discounts can be created as Fixed Discount, Discount on total(percentage based) and Discount fixed on the total. By default in Odoo Point of Sale, a discount is applied individually to every product instead of the total amount. Using this module […]

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