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How to Manage Project: Collaborative Pads in Odoo 13

How to Manage Project: Collaborative Pads in Odoo 13 In Odoo v13, Project Management Module is a fast user interface designed for modern project management and manages tasks for customer projects as well as our support issues in real time, agile, and flexible way. Project Management Module in Odoo v13  gives you a flexible workflow […]

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Odoo 13 Live Chat

Odoo 13 Live Chat  Odoo 13 Live chat can be used as both a customer service and marketing channel for organizations. Odoo Website Live chat allows you to increase your sales by engaging the right prospects at the right time as well as by generating a ton of new leads. Odoo 13 Live chat on […]

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How to create Invoice from Point of Sales in Odoo 13

How to create Invoice from Point of Sales in Odoo 13 In Odoo 13 you can create an Invoice from Point of Sales. Invoice is a list of things provided or work done together with their cost, for payment at a later time. In Odoo Invoices grant you to record the sale of a product […]

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How to Use Lunch Module in Odoo 13

How to Use Lunch Module in Odoo 13 In Odoo 13, Lunch module is one of the modules. Here it is to manage Lunch by abbreviate time for management and easiness. In Odoo 13 Lunch module is to handle employees lunch time, ordering meals etc. Some times company will provide employees breakfast. This type of […]

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Odoo 13 new features

Odoo 13 New Features

Odoo 13 New Features Odoo is a specific software that covers all the requirements. Odoo has already one of the finest business application tools to boost business productivity and operational excellence. Odoo as the primary need for every Small, Medium or large organization. It’s been a year and again Odoo releasing its new version that […]

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Odoo 11 Enterprise Edition

With beautiful Kanban view and improved Odoo Chatterbox what else features or improvement do we see in Odoo 11 Enterprise Edition?   Fit for every screen whether it is for Phone, Tablet, Laptops, Large Screens. And same feature applicable for Community Edition as well.   New iOS Application (for iPhone and iPads) – Super Fast […]

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Odoo 11

Odoo 11 Features(Community Edition)

Odoo 11 Features (Community Edition) With beautiful design and Amazing UX Odoo 11 has been launched. And you will find the below improvement in Odoo 11 Community edition which is not available on Odoo 10.   Improved blazing fast i.e. loading speed is 3 times faster than Odoo 10. Reminders for Scheduled activities. Beautiful Kanban […]

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ERP for Manufacturing Companies

Why manufacturing companies need ERP? Entrepreneurs managed a number of manufacturing components into a company in a systematic way and use components, parts or raw materials to make a finished good. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in manufacturing companies provide the company a lot of benefits and help manufacturers to manage growth and gain a […]

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