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Challenges faced by Biztech are:

> They want web-based ERP system for their institute.
> Parents and Staff enabling them to have all the relevant information in a single place.

> Access School ERP solution on Android devices and keep all the information at fingertips.


Key Implementation gave by Planet-Odoo:

1. We have implemented OpenEduCat module.

2. We have done customization in OpenEduCat dashboard.

3. We have extended the functionality of OpenEducat ERP according to Biztechwork behavior. Basically, it covers extra fields, exam reports, and salary slips.

4. Our team has developed an Attendance analysis module In OpenEduCat ERP. The major functionality of this module to calculate the total number of School Session and Students attendance in the Percentile manner through the formula.

5. Attendance device integration for student and staff.


What after implementation of Odoo ERP: The Impact

After implementation of OpenEduCat Module of Odoo complete management comes into their hand. Now they get student information at a click.