How to Manage Semi-Finished Products in Odoo 12

How to Manage Semi-Finished Products in Odoo 12 A manufacturing company needs to handle the production and manufacturing process in one hand, parallel need to handle others like accounting, sales, purchase, HR. Manufacturing ERP software allows you with complete integration of your Manufacturing process including Planning, Scheduling, Process Management, Procurement of Materials, management of your […]

How to Create Bill of Material (BoM) in Odoo

What is Bill of Material (BoM) in Odoo? A bill of materials (BOM) serves as a complete list of all the materials and parts—virtually every item—that a manufacturer needs to create a certain product. BOMs include components, raw materials, and sub-assemblies. Bills of Materials (BOM) are documents that describe the list of raw materials used […]

Manufacturing in Odoo Enterprise Edition

Opt for Manufacturing in Odoo Enterprise Edition for Your Business Odoo / OpenERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial Management, and Human Resources. A complete ERP system made up of different modules and integrates all the portions of the business. All business departments and their […]

Advance Manufacturing Development in Odoo

In Manufacturing Module we have developed advance manufacturing options such as: 1. Total Bill of Materials Cost 2. Bill of materials Structure Creation 3. Work Order Creation 4. Work center creation 5. Trace-ability 6. Planning of Manufacturing orders 7. Start, Pause, Stop and Continue based on barcode scanning 8. Efficiency Calculation This is Serial Number […]

Odoo Manufacturing

Odoo Manufacturing Manufacturing module in Odoo manage all manufacturing related activities. For any product to get manufactured we can attach bills of material which consists of complete details of the required to manufacture the product. Features of Odoo OpenERP Manufacturing management: ~ Gives a real-time view that helps manufacturers to make correct decisions by using […]

Odoo ERP implementation for Manufacturing companies

Manufacturing companies whether medium or large in size requires a systematic system to be implemented so as to manage their operations and productivity level effectively and efficiently. Manufacturing companies having vast resources to be managed including CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Inventory check up, Purchase Management, Accounting, Human resources etc. Odoo(open source ERP) integrates all this function […]

ERP for Manufacturing Companies

Why manufacturing companies need ERP? Entrepreneurs managed a number of manufacturing components into a company in a systematic way and use components, parts or raw materials to make a finished good. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in manufacturing companies provide the company a lot of benefits and help manufacturers to manage growth and gain a […]