Brief about Odoo V15 Project Management Module

In Odoo OpenERP, a project is said to be a set of assignments to be completed. The Odoo project management module gives an efficient solution for sorting out a task and monitors advancements. This application is intended to be easy to understand and connect with other Odoo modules including Sales, Invoicing, Mailing, and e-signature, reducing […]

Features of Odoo V15 Project Management Module

Many companies process their orders within the framework of projects. A project is characterised by different features. It is a unique process with precisely defined activities, which are characterized by a fixed start and end time. Project management is defined as the initiation, planning, steering, control and completion of a project. The project is managed […]

Implementation of Odoo ERP for the Hospitality Industry

IMPLEMENTATION OF ODOO ERP FOR THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY: HOW IT CAN HELP YOUR BUSINESS SUCCEED- In this competitive world, a market is developing and moving towards better solutions, the people from restaurant or hospitality businesses also need the right software that helps in providing proper solutions for managing daily activities and data efficiently. The Odoo […]

Overview of Odoo Rental Management Module

With the shifting business culture, the rental company is a potential one. Many industries rely on rental products to manage their operations rather than investing large sums of money in the purchase of expensive machines and instruments. Construction, agriculture, transportation, and a variety of other industries rely heavily on the rental industry to run their […]

How can we supervise Users and Access Rights in Odoo V15

In this blog we will discuss about how you can manage users and access rights. Users and user roles are critical points concerning internal security in Odoo. Odoo provides several security mechanisms concerning user roles, all implemented in the odoo Server. They are implemented at the lowest server level. Odoo distinguishes three different concepts: User […]

How 3-Way Matching feature works in Odoo V15

This blog covers 3-way matching in Odoo Purchase application and is intended to help understand the different billing status. In some industries, you may receive a bill from a vendor before receiving the ordered products. However, you might not want to pay it until the products have been received. To define whether the vendor bill […]

How to Import and Export data in Odoo

The import and export feature has always been one of the standard functions in Odoo. This results in numerous possible applications for us for various use cases.  The reporting and analysis system of Odoo ERP is often keen about the info and data it gathers from the client. Odoo systematically stores and processes the info […]

Benefits and Features of Odoo Accounting Module

Accounting Module : Accounting is one of the most vital and important modules of Odoo ERP. Accounting is tightly bound with Sale, Purchase, Inventory, and Manufacturing. Businesses can use Odoo accounting to maintain all the records and analysis of the operations of the inventory. Odoo accounting module is capable of your bill tracking, inventory management, […]

User guide of Coupons and Promotion Program in Odoo V15 POS Module

This blog is about the user guide of “Coupons and Promotion Program” in Odoo V15 POS Module. POS Coupons and Promotion Program : This Application provides functionality to apply Promotional Coupon code & Promotional Program on Point of Sale. In marketing, coupons are the tickets or documents that can be redeemed for financial discounts. Same […]