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Edgemod Company

Challenges faced by Edgemod Company are:

Product categories are not good to cater to the specific needs of each group.
> Online retailing has been around for some time but it will continue to be a preferred buying channel for millennials in particular. With instant access to catalogs and price lists, customers have a clearer idea of what they want.
> Lack of a CRM and Sales management tool.
> Grow eCommerce sales and drive innovation.
> Improve control over purchasing and finance.
> Reduce raw materials, inventory and labor costs.
> Finding a system that could grow with Edgemod and had the capability to cover the requirements of the entire organization.


Key Implementation Gave by Planet-Odoo:

1. We have implemented Odoo ERP with an integrated application like
Sales Management
Purchase management
Warehouse management

2. Edgemod eCommerce platform integrated with Odoo ERP which helps them to manage all their inventory in Odoo.

3. We have customized Odoo default theme and provide them a responsive website.

4. Quick Barcode scanning of Incoming and outgoing products and creating purchase orders.


What after implementation of Odoo ERP: The Impact

Furniture & fittings retailers operate in a highly competitive market that has several challenges including rising costs of raw material, challenge to provide finished goods at lower prices while maintaining quality and above all manage inventory to keep costs under control.
Odoo ERP helps them to improve procurement, inventory, and demand forecasting, etc., essentially improving the entire supply chain and making it more responsive. Odoo ERP application helps the Edgemod to make the better business decision with the ERP and can have several reports in Odoo ERP which give them the list of the transaction in the business.