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Enterprise Resource Planning

Entrepreneurs managed a number of manufacturing components into a company in a systematic way and use components, parts or raw materials to make a finished good. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in manufacturing companies provide the company a lot of benefits and help manufacturers to manage growth and gain a competitive advantage. In the competitive world, with the increase in demand and expectation of customers every manufacturing companies require a flexible system to manage the workflow of the company.

ERP software combines the area of business such as Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting and Reporting, Point of Sale, Payroll etc such that every business activities and function can be performed on a single platform of ERP.
ERP system in manufacturing delivers real-time information to the manufacturing companies and helps in challenges faced by businesses operating in the manufacturing industry.

Common ERP software includes like Odoo ERP software. Open-source solutions like Odoo particularly lend themselves to highly customized products because developers can modify the source code according to unique customer requirements.

How we help you…
Planet-Odoo helps you in finding the solution and services with the best technology and provide you collective services with higher management in ERP.
We analyze your whole business and accordingly provide you customization in ERP and make sure that you have greater visibility in all of your business departments. And the customization provided to you is extremely easy to use, flexible, modular, and workable with your business.

There are three important steps in Odoo support system that is Support, Maintain, and Progress.
~We support and increase the functionality of the business.
~Then we maintain the workflow to adapt OpenERP process.
~Then we can progress in Odoo ERP support system.