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Gheras Company

Challenges faced by Company are:

Non-government organizations often use multiple systems to track financials, contracts and supply chain across multiple countries, languages, and legislation. They want a system in which all their necessary needs can be fulfilled.
> The lack of management systems that support processes and provide visibility makes developing new strategies difficult.
> Their financial system is not good to manage the transaction.
> They need a software which can minimize their cost.


Key Implementation gave by Planet-Odoo:

1. We have implemented Odoo ERP in Gheras company with the modules likewise:
HR & Payroll

2. Provided training for Odoo modules to their members/staff.

3. We have developed also website for them.


What after implementation of Odoo ERP: The Impact

Odoo ERP software for Gheras helps them greatly in the management of funds, budget, and fundraisings. Improves decision making with quick, real-time financial information. And now they don’t need to use multiple systems to manage multiple activities.

Odoo ERP solution helps Gheras to greatly improve decision making with real-time financial information delivered in a way that is relevant to the organization. This includes tracking grant expenditures in real-time, ensuring compliance with funding restrictions, and centralizing documents in a single archive.