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HealthXP Company

Challenges faced by HealthXP Company are:

Health XP company found difficult in managing their inventory and eCommerce store. They required a single integrated platform which could handle take sales management to shipping management


Key Implementation gave by Planet-Odoo:

After went through the requirement Planet-Odoo suggested them Odoo ERP for managing all their activities on a single platform.
We have implemented the following modules in Odoo ERP:
Inventory management
eCommerce platform Integration with Odoo
Shipping integration with Odoo
Barcode scanning of products and creating purchase orders.


What after implementation of Odoo ERP: The Impact

After implementation of Odoo ERP, it becomes easy for them to manage their eCommerce store effectively and efficiently.
Manage products seamlessly.
Integration with payment gateway provides convenience to the customers.
Odoo cloud-based solutions help them to get an access to eCommerce store from anywhere at any point of time.