Lunch Management : Lunch management is used to manage employees lunch time ordering meals etc. Most companies face some difficulties in managing Lunchtime and order for employees. Managing the food distribution system inside an organization can sometimes get messy. But an efficient ERP application for managing food supply can help. ERP system helps to control the food supply of a firm. 

It is helpful for small and large industries to manage the lunch criteria for each individual. Odoo 15 Lunch module ensures checking prices, advance order booking, and tracking of payments. Lunch module in odoo is one of the simplest modules in odoo. Sometimes companies will provide employees breakfast. This type of case, companies need to handle breakfast time and quantity of food and food category, etc. Now let us have a look into Lunch Management In Odoo.

In this blog we will discuss “My Lunch” and “Manager” of Lunch Management in Odoo V15.

To use this, first of all install the Lunch Module in your Odoo database from the Odoo apps. And if this is already installed for you then just click on the icon of the Luch Module. This module is installed for me so I will click on the icon of the Lunch Module.


When you click on the Lunch Module you will come to the dashboard of its module. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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The dashboard page provides details of orders generated by the employee. It is possible to categorize food items and choose the vendors list. All these sorting options are on the left side of the Lunch window.

My Lunch : You find this tab on the Lunch Module dashboard. In this tab (My Lunch) you can find New Order, My order history, My account history. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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Ordering Lunch : From the lunch module, you can see the “My Lunch” menu on the left top corner of the window. Click on the menu, you can see three options popping down, select a new order for ordering. 

When you select a new order option, you can find your balance money and the categories listed for your lunch. Select one of the categories for filtering and order your lunch using your account balance provided by the company.

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From the above image you can see that you have $36.50 in your account as of now. 

How to create Order : We can select a food product from the list and directly place the order. We can manage the activity from the dashboard itself.

First you have to select a vendor and choose the item for your lunch and add to cart that product. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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When you click on the Add to card this will ask you for Order Now, when you click on the “Order Now Button” your order is placed. And the status of your order is changed as “Ordered” for reference you can see the screenshot below.

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This is how you can order your lunch. You can see your order history also. You can do this via clicking on the My Lunch tab. You can select the “My Order History” from the dropdown menu. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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When you click on the My order history a new window will appear. In this list you can see all the details about your orders.

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You can see your account history also. You can do this via clicking on the My Lunch tab. You can select “My Account History” from the dropdown menu. For reference you can see the screenshot below.


How to manage Lunch Management : You can do this via Manager Tab. When you click on the Manager tab you can see the various options in the drop down menu like Today’s order, control vendors, control accounts and cash moves.

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How to manage today’s order : For this go to the Lunch module dashboard and click on the Manager tab and from the drop down menu you can select Today’s Order. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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When you click on the Today’s Orders a new window will appear, for reference you can see the screenshot below.

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You can see the orders listed in the below screenshot. We can either confirm the order or cancel it. For this, the user can use the tabs given next to the order.

Control Vendors : You can control your vendors also. You can find control vendors under the Manager tab. It helps to see the placed orders from several vendors. By clicking on Order Date, you can see details of each order separately.

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When you click on the Control Vendors menu you will come to the new window. 

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In the Control Vendors window, we can see the name of Vendor, Product, Extras, Notes, User, Lunch Location, Status, Price, and Company. We can add a Custom Field of Vendors and the existing one by clicking on the three-dot button at the right end of the window. The Reset option helps set the order details in the Control Vendors window again.

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The Kanban view represents the detailed view of each Vendor. You can see the Price, Date, Product Name, and Order received/canceled/progress in the Kanban view of the Control Vendors window. The green icon contains a call button that helps to book your order, and the red button contains a cross mark assist to Cancel an order. You can attach a new column also with the help of + icon. Through this you can add a column.

vIRHozCpHlgc39tQabz UucKDcB38tCrN8yFZpy9fnQyXBp9M7WR PG8vcvKavFX1ihClSPlAjthJlC1U1 3SvQ55Y3p56EO9yikDbepSyNV6qwMN4uQoqLQh5qwXSdL25G9hSmQ

Above screenshot is the pivot table of the control vendors. When you enable the option of measure icon, you can make the count, quantity and Total price in the count table. The “Insert In Spreadsheet” option assists in choosing a spreadsheet on your Pivot. Filters option enables you to see Received, Not Received, Canceled vendors and possibly add Custom Filters.

Control Accounts : Now the manager can see and handle all user accounts through clicking on the Control accounts button. You can find this from the Manager tab. We can see the Date, Amount, Description of order, and user name in the Control Accounts window. A custom field ads by clicking on the three-dot button at the right side of page end.

Above screenshot is the List view of the control accounts.

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Above screenshot is the kanban view of the control accounts. The +icon enables you to add more columns regarding user or order. When you click on the +icon a new column will appear. You have to provide the title name and click on the “Add button”, and you can create a new user from the Configuration panel. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

ajeHcvn4ALATEm2luKlOdqo6gZTMR csn5nSAEpi7BqOAymMdnM9A5OaWU7rkxC WZ0SjU9R8fowtk xDKgzSuMQKkp AqCFH

When you click on the Add button it will take you to the configuration panel. From here you can create a new user.

Create New User : From the below screenshot you can create a new user with the help of the create button. When you click on the create button you will come to the new window.

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We can enter the Name, image, and Email Address of the latest user. The Access Rights tab contains options like Sales, Services, Inventory, Accounting, Manufacturing, Website, Productivity, Administration, Marketing, Human resources, and you can select Administrator/User inside each option.

UVNMWYGJw5y9DWwDtnkVQNyZzYSFxVZgwNLs3aRpO4BdfJAdKfai9lFr q7d4B0mVnW Zn4ZNu8ShpPDAdg1LdR6oB
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The Preferences tab assists to add Localization details consisting of Language, upload Signature, Timezone, and Notification by email/Odoo. You can add a Livechat username, set the SIP password, Handset, and Browsers extension under the VOIP Configuration.

1DLqMLzCgUrZ5cuq SVispH3nJqFw1U o9v3Kfznz0fmAoCl cA6RANzFBp6LTUyPA c1RFsmNNi 7WA A84tmxPveZukIAIMvMoOszsjz583kwJV4mC6geN Ets3uliIUsSouo

After filling all the fields click on the “Save Button” and your new user is created. This is how you can create a new user.

Cash Moves : You can find cash moves under the Manager tab. Cash Moves window provides details of the User name, Date, Amount, and Description of Cash Move.

axEQ213rKAxZjAEvchKNYiSMlrhtBUkmFdyeNTIfPB65hIcyHOgaKeowPX2wdVGegA9TLQ0NMwJxmldzKl6fduz691EkMHwEXyBZbnVOn YRpPJRDiMZL6vVH 1i W4DcaGtJeUH

You can create new cash moves with the help of the Create button. When you click on the create button you will come to the new window. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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You can fill in the details and click on the save button.

This is how you can handle “My Lunch” and “Manager” in the Lunch module Odoo V15. If you like to read more blogs written by us click on the Planet-Odoo

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