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LED Tale company in Manufacturing

Challenges faced by LED Tale Manufacturing Company are:

LED Tale manufacturing required an application which can boost their resource utilization to the fullest.
> Reduce manufacturing bottlenecks.
> LED Tale manufacturing required to improved inventory.
> LED Tale manufacturing required for optimum sales tracking and management.
> Improve their customer service and enable accurate and faster revenue tracking
> Faster quote generation.


Key Implementation gave by Planet-Odoo:

We at Planet-Odoo provided them with a very easy to use all-in-one Odoo ERP application to manage all their complex activities.

The solution we offer are:
1. We have implemented Odoo ERP with all the requisite module like
-Human Resource
-Shipping and Logistics

2. In Manufacturing Module we have developed Advanced manufacturing options such as–
-Total Bill of Materials Cost
-Bill of materials Structure Creation
-Work Order Creation
-Work center creation
-Planning of Manufacturing orders
-Start, Pause, Stop and Continue based on barcode scanning
-Efficiency Calculation

3. Master Production Schedule(MPS) for make to order and make to stock.


What after implementation of Odoo ERP: The Impact

By building a structured workflow in manufacturing company can reduce risk and ensure quality while avoiding process bottlenecks. That means products get to market faster. And after implementing Odoo ERP in Manufacturing company gives LED Tale a real-time view that helps manufacturers to make correct decisions by using the data and capitalize on opportunities.