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Lottery Management in Odoo

We have created a website for lottery draw gaming. On this website users will come and play lottery games. If a player will win then he will earn prizes. There are different types of lottery games on a website.

  1. Users will enter one number and submit that number. 

2. User has submitted number 3 and Wheel will spin and it stopped at number 3

3. If user will win this game then system will ask for Name and Account number to deposit money in Account

4. User will select 6 numbers and submit it. There are few conditions for winning like First 3 numbers will be there as a result then the player will get 500 Rs etc..

5. Once the player will enter code then system will generate ticket for that player with ticket number and result date

6. Admin can check number of tickets from backend with players details

7. Admin can active and inactive lottery from back end 

8. Once lottery result will out player can check result

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Mumbai 400064
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USA Location

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Katy, TX - 77494
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Thailand Location

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Samwatawanok, Khlongsamwa,
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