Odoo 11 appears in October and will be packed with several innovations and improvements.

Following points are the outline for the same:

Improvement of time recording: Revenue/cost calculation, improvement in user-friendliness, dashboards.

Improvements in Acuity scheduling: Online appointment, SMS integration, phone validation.

Payment process: Balance several invoices with a single payment.

Negative invoices: The goal is that users are no longer able to generate credits from invoices. In the past, there have been some problems and misunderstandings in document design and reporting.

Plan activities: Configure workflows for the next activities to automatically create to-dos for the department.

Add next activities in many other Odoo functionalities, such as purchasing, subscription orders, manufacturing, personnel procurement, etc.Configure a next activity workflow to automatically plan to do of your department.

Packaging: Product packaging and shipping packaging will be differentiated in the future and get their own menu entries and a separate view.

Organigram: The simple overview of all employees of a department and the company from the form view of the employee out.

Odoo-Online-Shop: Wishlist and product comparison.

In addition, there are many other improvements in Odoo 11. Odoo sets a special focus on further improving the ease of use.
Here is the link where you can view more benefits:

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