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Odoo Point of Sale application is based on a simple, user-friendly interface. The Point of Sale application can be used online or offline on iPads, Android tablets or laptops. It facilitates to manage the shop product at single platform inheriting the complete details of products. The shopping experience of your customer becomes more easy and faster by using Odoo ERP POS.

This implementation allows you to pay by using cash or cards with easy steps. Odoo ERP Point of Sale is fully integrated with the company Inventory and the Accounting applications. Any transaction with your point of sale will automatically be registered in your inventory management and accounting and, even in your CRM as the customer can be identified from the app. Odoo ERP POS comes with advanced shop features, advanced restaurants features and analyzes sales features by getting daily sales data and you will be able to run real time statistics and consolidations across all your shops without the hassle of integrating several external applications.

Odoo ERP retail POS allows you to set-up in minutes, sell in seconds and compatible with devices like Android & iOS. Odoo ERP POS work in both online and offline and therefore stays reliable even if your connection isn’t on. By using this application one can control full warehouse management system in just one application and allow to get information about products availabilities, trigger procurement requests, etc. With Odoo ERP as a backend, you have a system proven to be perfectly suitable for small stores or large multinationals.

Integration of Odoo ERP POS with any retail company helps them to use without any difficulty as it based on a smart interface. In addition with this, it is extremely flexible, you can configure to Odoo POS to meet your precise needs.

After implementation of POS in your system:

– you can easily keep in touch with your customers.
– set loyalty programs to customers with points, gifts, and discounts.
– Identifying your customers is even faster with loyalty cards and customer barcode id’s.
– Register your customers to keep track of their buying habits.
-You can then send them special offers and sale notices with Odoo mailing.
– Register tax identifications for your business customers and give them invoices instantly (or send by email).

Odoo ERP Point of Sale is fully integrated with other Odoo application. And furthermore Odoo POS is compatible with e-Commerce and you won’t need to setup different stock for two application.

Odoo POS also work wonders for restaurants –

-An interface is designed for productivity and for better management by kitchen and bar printing, handle multiple customers, products sorting and by splitting bills.
-With active table management, you can quickly overview your restaurant and jump floor to floor to your table’s order.
-The floor plan will tell you exactly where are your customers, where are the free tables, who are still waiting for food, how much room do you have left.

Whoever wishes to implement Odoo ERP for their organization and clients in the food industry, Bars, Cafe shops can get several benefits from this.

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