Odoo 12 Versus Odoo 13 | Planet Odoo

COMPARISON BETWEEN ODOO 12 AND ODOO 13 In Odoo13 there are a lot of changes coming. In Odoo 12 website form builder module is available in Enterprise Edition. In Odoo 13 website form builder is moved to the Community Edition. In Odoo13 the accounting, there is no more account.invoice model in Odoo13 and account.invoice model […]

Employee Contract Management in Odoo 12

Employee Contract Management in Odoo 12 An employment contract is a signed agreement between an employee and an employer. Employee contracts contain details like hours of work, the rate of pay, the employee’s responsibilities, etc. An employee contract can be configured following details like contract details, employee name, department, job position, contract terms, employee salary […]

Odoo 12 POS Loyalty Program

 Odoo 12 POS Loyalty Program Customer loyalty is a customer’s willingness to buy from or work with a brand again and again, and it’s the result of positive customer experience, customer satisfaction, and the value of the products or services the customer gets from the transaction. Customers typically register their personal information with the company and […]

How to Manage Semi-Finished Products in Odoo 12

How to Manage Semi-Finished Products in Odoo 12 A manufacturing company needs to handle the production and manufacturing process in one hand, parallel need to handle others like accounting, sales, purchase, HR. Manufacturing ERP software allows you with complete integration of your Manufacturing process including Planning, Scheduling, Process Management, Procurement of Materials, management of your […]

How to do Bank Reconciliation in Odoo 12

Bank Reconciliation in Odoo 12 A bank reconciliation statement is a document that matches the cash balance on a company’s balance sheet to the corresponding amount on its bank statement. A bank reconciliation should be completed at regular intervals for all bank accounts, to ensure that a company’s cash records are correct. Otherwise, it may […]

How to Create Deferred Revenue Management in Odoo v12

Deferred Revenue Management in Odoo v12 Deferred revenue refers to payments received in advance for services which have not yet been performed or goods which have not yet been delivered. These revenues are classified on the company’s balance sheet as a liability and not as an asset. Deferred revenue is common among software and insurance […]

Odoo Shipping Easy Integration

Odoo supports third-party shipping app integration. Shipping of goods is a crucial part of any industry/business to strengthen the customer relationship and to ensure customer satisfaction. A company can use third-party shipping apps for order fulfillment. ShippingEasy is the online shipping app used by online sellers for their business varies from its size.  ShippingEasy integrates with leading […]