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Scrap Management in Odoo Inventory 

 Scrap Management in Odoo Inventory  Scraps are an essential entity in several businesses organizations, particularly in manufacturing business organizations. Scrap is the discarded material from a manufacturing job and product are unusable or at the same time, it reaches its expiry date. Scrap may also consist of small and otherwise insignificant materials, assuming those materials […]

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How to Measure Scheduled Delivery Date in Odoo

How to Measure Scheduled Delivery Date in Odoo Business planning is an ongoing process. From year to year — and sometimes more often than that — companies review, revise, and even completely overhaul their plans. The delivery date refers to the date when products or something like that should be delivered to the parent company and […]

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Landed Cost Configuration in Odoo V12

Landed cost is the total price of a product once it has arrived at buyers’ hand. Landed costs include all charges associated with a good transfer. Landed costs are the total cost of a landed shipment including: Purchase Price Freight Insurance Other Costs up to the Port of Destination. In some instances, it may also […]

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Odoo V12 unit of measures

  Odoo supports several units of measure. The product can be expressed in several units of measure at once. Make sure that all the units of measure used for a product are in the same units of measure category. Odoo has a feature to manage multiple units of measure for sales, purchase, and inventory efficiently. There […]

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Privacy in Odoo Project Management | Odoo V12

  In Odoo v12, Project Management Module is a fast user interface designed for modern project management and manages tasks for customer projects as well as our support issues in real time, agile, and flexible way. Project Management Module in Odoo v12  gives you a flexible workflow which helps you to plan and organize tasks, […]

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Odoo Multi-Company Point of Sale Configuration

Let’s find out step-by-step on how to configure Odoo Point of Sales(POS). Odoo POS Configuration: Goto Menu icon➡️Point of Sale(POS)➡️Configuration➡️Point of Sale(POS)➡️Click on Create button Now Here You can Access Odoo Pos under the Dashboard In Odoo POS, On one click create a new session or continue Odoo POS on an existing one.   On […]

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