Odoo Marketing Automation | Planet Odoo

Odoo Marketing Automation  Odoo Marketing automation is a technology that handles marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns, across multiple channels, automatically. Odoo Marketing automation helps marketers establish their segmentation, lead generation, lead scoring, customer lifecycle marketing, cross-sell and up-sell, and marketing ROI measurement. Marketing automation is an essential component of customer relationship management. – SearchCRM. Marketing Automation […]

Odoo 13 Installation on Ubuntu 19.04

Odoo 13 Installation on Ubuntu 19.04 In this Blog, you are going to discuss how to install the Odoo 13 Community or Enterprise version on Ubuntu 19.04. This blog covers the steps necessary for installing and configuring Odoo 13 using the Git source on an Ubuntu 19.04. Step 1: Update Server sudo add-apt-repository universe sudo apt-get […]

Odoo 13 New Features

Odoo 13 New Features Odoo is a specific software that covers all the requirements. Odoo has already one of the finest business application tools to boost business productivity and operational excellence. Odoo as the primary need for every Small, Medium or large organization. It’s been a year and again Odoo releasing its new version that […]

Language Translations in Odoo | Planet Odoo

Language Translations in Odoo Odoo translation is the communication of meaning from one language (the source) to another language (the target) without any extra customizations. Odoo language translation is the use of a computer program to translate input text from one national language to another while maintaining the original document format. Odoo provides you with […]

Odoo Community Vs Enterprise | Planet Odoo

Odoo Community vs Enterprise Odoo / OpenERP is an open-source all-in-one management software that offers a range of complete suite of ERP systems and targeting by large companies, small businesses, associations and various other types of organizations to help them manage, automate, measure and optimize their operations, finances, and projects. Odoo is an all-in-one business […]

Add and Deactivate Users in Odoo V12

Add and Deactivate Users in Odoo V12 Odoo/OpenERP is how to deal with or manage users. Managing users and assigning groups or role is the key point in every business. In Odoo Activate and deactivate actions can be performed by Administrators. In Odoo/OpenERP assigning role or group to the single user is made through Administrator. […]

Odoo Subscription Module

Odoo Subscription Module Odoo Subscription Management and Recurring Billing Management, a user can simply handle subscription for his products. Easily manage the full customer life cycle, invoicing, Billing, reminder emails from accepting recurring payments to handling customer subscriptions. Odoo subscription model has become a prominent service choice for the business because of its cost-effectiveness and […]

Website Appointment Scheduling System through Odoo

Website Appointment Scheduling System through Odoo Website Appointment Scheduling System through Odoo is providing the solution for small and medium businesses offers all the functionality of our enterprise-grade scheduling technology in a streamlined, user-friendly package. This module helps a customer to book an Appointment on their own from the website. Website Appointment Scheduling System through […]