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How to create Invoice from Point of Sales in Odoo 13

How to create Invoice from Point of Sales in Odoo 13 In Odoo 13 you can create an Invoice from Point of Sales. Invoice is a list of things provided or work done together with their cost, for payment at a later time. In Odoo Invoices grant you to record the sale of a product […]

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How to Set up Odoo Cash Control in Point of Sale

How to Set up Odoo Cash Control in Point of Sale Odoo POS can also be used on standard PCs and tablets as well as industrial touch-screen terminals. Odoo Point of Sale is fully integrated with the Inventory and the Accounting apps.  POS supports both online and offline operations. Cash control is a way to […]

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Manage Multiple Cashiers in Odoo 12

Manage Multiple Cashiers in Odoo 12 In Odoo Point of Sale application, you can manage multiple cashiers. The seller can set the security pin/password and barcode badge for the particular cashier from the back end. To manage multiple cashiers, you need to have several users (at least two). There are different ways to manage several […]

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Odoo 12 POS Loyalty Program

 Odoo 12 POS Loyalty Program Customer loyalty is a customer’s willingness to buy from or work with a brand again and again, and it’s the result of positive customer experience, customer satisfaction, and the value of the products or services the customer gets from the transaction. Customers typically register their personal information with the company and […]

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Odoo 12 POS Barcode Nomenclature 

Odoo 12 POS Barcode Nomenclature  Barcodes are an easy way to improve your inventory management function; they improve the accuracy of your inventory records, allow for real-time updates and, crucially, make the data entry process as simple as possible. Barcodes are used for a variety of reasons including tracking products, prices, and stock levels for centralized recording […]

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Restaurant POS System

Every business seeks to find the software which covers all their needs and make their business profitable. Similarly, for Restaurant business, a good POS system is required which helps them in properly functioning of work from table management to inventory management. Restaurants come in so many varieties, and each one has its set of needs. […]

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