Odoo ERP For Food Manufacturing Industry

Food manufacturing industry is one of the largest industry runs in the world. With its large production, the company facing tremendous problems in terms of food quality, cost, traceability of products, quality management, control of inventory etc. Some food industries catering to all kinds of food services throughout the world. Apart from serving their customers, […]

Odoo ERP for your Business

It’s a time when an organization tends to realize the need for ERP software when they begin outgrowing their business systems, especially when business systems are composed of different applications collected over time. Here arise the need for ERP. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a […]

Advance Manufacturing Development in Odoo

In Manufacturing Module we have developed advance manufacturing options such as: 1. Total Bill of Materials Cost 2. Bill of materials Structure Creation 3. Work Order Creation 4. Work center creation 5. Trace-ability 6. Planning of Manufacturing orders 7. Start, Pause, Stop and Continue based on barcode scanning 8. Efficiency Calculation This is Serial Number […]

Odoo Manufacturing

Odoo Manufacturing Manufacturing module in Odoo manage all manufacturing related activities. For any product to get manufactured we can attach bills of material which consists of complete details of the required to manufacture the product. Features of Odoo OpenERP Manufacturing management: ~ Gives a real-time view that helps manufacturers to make correct decisions by using […]